Sustainable peatland management is increasingly important to the low carbon economy as development pressures on this resource grow. With peat holding approximately 50% of the UK's soil carbon stock, the importance of its management is being increasingly scrutinised.

Our multidisciplinary team is uniquely skilled to ensure we have the right mix of highly specialist in-house expertise in soil science, peatland and habitat management and hydrology. Together our specialist consultants bring a deep understanding of the often complex and interrelated environmental, technical and regulatory issues to determine the best solution for your project.

Our Soils and Peatland Management Experience

Atmos has considerable experience of carrying out land quality and peatland assessments and developing long-term sustainable restoration plans. From peat management plans and carbon payback calculations to restoration and successful application for waste management licence exemption our team has a solutions focussed approach.

Using our award winning GIS tools, we can proactively inform the design process to quickly identify potential peat slide risk and possible mitigating solutions.

Our Peatland Management Consultants

Our multidisciplinary team of consultants bring the specialist skills of hydrology, hydrogeology, geology and soils to undertake assessments and identify cost effective project design solutions that mitigate risks to the development, whist meeting the regulatory requirements of sensitive habitats.

Our Soils and Peatland Management Solutions

Atmos Consulting offers a comprehensive range of soils and peatland management services across the entire project life-cycle. Choose from an integrated service approach or one of our specialist services that can seamlessly feed into your project, whatever its current lifecycle stage, including:

Agricultural/Ecological Benefit  Habitat Management Plans  
Carbon Balance Assessments Land Quality Assessment
Carbon Payback Calculation Peat Depth and Condition Survey
Construction Management Plans for Soils Peat Management Plans
Consultation and Liaison with Regulatory Bodies Peat Slide Risk Assessment
EIA Soils and Peatland management Phase 1 Contaminated Land Surveys 
Evaluation of Waste Applications to Land Site Survey Designs for Contaminated Land
Feasibility, Screening and Scoping Chapters Soil Stability Evaluation
Habitat Assessment and Restoration Von Post Assessment


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