There are many environmental and technical factors that can influence the decision making process for a development project.  An environmental feasibility study is a key part of the project initiation process and a critical factor in determining financial viability, risk potential and the sustainable future of the project. 

Our Site Feasibility Expertise

With extensive experience of developments across a range of sectors and industries, we understand the issues you may encounter and that much of a project’s delivery success lies in the early stages of a development.

Atmos consultants recognise the pressure to deliver results quickly and are adept at building consensus based on scientific methodology, local policy compliance, technical and environmental constraints, and project requirements – identifying and rejecting sites early on so our clients can focus on the best opportunities. For example, our electricity grid connection modelling tool has saved our clients time and unnecessary feasibility spend.

All our site feasibility assessments are tailored to allow for integration with your financial and technical project appraisals and approval gateways to provide an easy to understand assessment of the environmental project risk.

Our Site Feasibility Consultants

Our expert teams, in collaboration with our award winning Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technicians, deliver site feasibility studies and advice across a diverse range of industries, including:  renewable energy, commercial and residential development, industrial and infrastructure projects.

Our Site Feasibility Solutions

We have drawn on our vast experience to develop a staged approach to feasibility studies, which includes progressive levels of detail appropriate to the project stage. This is particularly beneficial to sites or projects which face potentially complex constraints.  Typically we would undertake three main phases in a site feasibility study, which can be tailored to fit with specific project approval gateway stages.

1. Preliminary Site Feasibility Study

Using our award winning GIS data management and analysis to undertake desk based research and review, we understand site potential and consider opportunities, constraints and risks such as policy and regulation, site sensitivity, (ecology, landscape features, hydrology and drainage), infrastructure and access. Results are reported in a dashboard report using traffic light rankings.

2. Detailed Site Assessment and Initial Design Study

A more detailed review taking forward sites with the greatest potential. This stage would include such activities as site visit, surveys, and stakeholder consultation to inform initial site design reflecting known constraints and provide preliminary estimates of return in line with project objectives.

3. Basic Financial Viability Review

Based on the above a financial viability report can be developed working with the client team and taking into account the overall project objectives. Dependent on the market sector this would typically include:

  • basic estimation of the financial viability for a variety of developments.
  • estimated grid connection
  • technology purchase
  • current energy purchase
  • subsidy rates with an informed estimation of future rates
  • assess the capital build costs
  • market rental value and/or sales estimate

Our bespoke approach means we can tailor the assessment of return and outputs in line with your specific project objectives.

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