Birds are strongly protected in law and hold a particular interest to the general public. This together with their complex flight patterns and nesting behaviours can, on the face of it, often present significant challenges for developments.

The widely respected Atmos ornithology team has considerable experience of delivering commercially pragmatic and workable solutions where sensitive ornithological issues exist. We work in our clients interest to ensure the commercial needs of the project are balanced with the statutory requirements to ensure bird populations are protected. 

Our Ornithology Experience

Our ornithology experience extends throughout the UK, carrying out a wide variety of site and species-specific ornithological surveys covering a few hundred square metres to those covering hundreds of kilometres.

Working closely with local planning authorities and statutory nature conservation agencies, (such as Scottish Natural Heritage, Natural England and Natural Resources Wales), we have drawn upon our extensive knowledge to communicate at an early stage when surveys or assessments are likely to be needed to satisfy statutory authorities. 

Our approach is to predict, pre-empt and act speedily to ensure we gather all the data needed in one season to hasten the progress of your project. Our team has applied this successful approach to a wide range of sectors including: renewables and conventional energy, transmission and distribution, marine, transportation and infrastructure and property and regeneration developments.

Our ornithological expertise is further enhanced by our sophisticated use of bespoke GIS models, enabling our consultants to efficiently undertake in-depth data analysis.  For example, our advanced collision risk modelling can compare ornithological activity over multiple survey periods, as well as assessing environmental impacts over longer time periods, pre and post construction.   

Our Ornithology Consultants

Our ornithological consultants are based at all our main offices throughout the UK and have transferred a lifelong passion in ornithology into professional practice.

Together, they bring an in-depth understanding of the commercial risk that bird species and habitat requirements can pose.  Our team have a proven track record in overcoming potential barriers or constraints, successfully balancing the commercial interests with the relevant statutory requirements and the needs of bird populations.

Our Ornithology Solutions

Atmos Consulting offers a comprehensive range of ornithology services. Choose from an integrated service approach or one of our specialist services that can seamlessly feed into your project, whatever its current lifecycle stage, including: 

Appropriate Assessment/Habitats Regulation Appraisal and Assessment Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
Breeding Bird Surveys Environmental Appraisal
Breeding Raptor Surveys Population Modelling and Bespoke Ornithological Modelling
Collision Risk Modelling and Assessment Pre and Post Construction Monitoring
Consultation and Liaison with Regulatory Bodies Public Inquiry and Expert Witness
Data Searches and Desktop Reviews Species Specific Surveys
Development and Implementation of Species Protection Plans Vantage Point Surveys
Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) Wetland Birds Surveys (WeBS) 

Download examples of our recent work

Falck Renewables, Leadhills Wind Farm

Can't See the birds from the tress? - Using theoretical models to support ornithology assessment

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