Where is the best place to build my next property development?  What are the optimal grid connection options?  

Development is a complex undertaking and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) provide vital tools in accurately answering such questions, increasing the understanding of complex project implications and supporting the decision making process.  

Atmos is at the forefront in providing robust GIS solutions that analyse, visualise, interrogate, and interpret data in a reliable manner. We provide our clients with the information and scenario modelling required to determine what is relevant and allow efficient assessment for the benefit of the project.

Our GIS Expertise

Atmos has invested in developing our own, award winning, bespoke GIS data management system, allowing us to combine and analyse data from a wide variety of sources and/or formats to comprehensively investigate relationships and accurately predict outcomes.

We are highly experienced in applying our specialist GIS skills to suit our clients’ unique needs. From site search and visual impact modelling for renewable energy developers, to constraints mapping and visualisations for architects, through to design of interactive decision support tools and scenario modelling for local authorities. Our models are routinely used as evidence in support of planning applications and actively support BIM-enabled working.

Our GIS Consultants

As part of a multi-disciplinary organisation, our specialist GIS consultants work closely with our in-house technical teams on all aspects of data management, analysis and visualisation, providing a holistic service to clients. Our GIS expertise encompasses a range of scientific fields, bridging disciplines and providing a unique and valuable insight
into data analysis.

Our GIS Solutions

Atmos offers a comprehensive range of GIS solutions across the entire project life-cycle.   Choose from an integrated service approach hosting all of your project data in our comprehensive database or pick one of our specialist services that can seamlessly feed into your project, including:

Bespoke Spatial Modelling Grid Connection Modelling
Bird Collision Risk Modelling Habitat Mapping and Land-take Calculations
Constraints Mapping Map and Figure Production
Cumulative Visual Impact Modelling Photomontages and 3D Visualisations
Data Capture and Cleaning Regional Site Search and Selection
Data Hosting and Management Scenario Assessment
Design of Custom Decision-Making Tools Screened Visibility Analysis & ZTVs
Legal and land plans Web mapping
Ecosystem Services Opportunity Mapping Swept Path Analysis of Abnormal Loads

Download examples of our recent work

Cairngorms National Park Authority, Mapping of Special Landscape Qualities

NatureScot, Cumulative Collision Risk Database

Falck Renewables, Leadhills windfarm, ornithological modelling

Seafish, sea fishing industry poster maps

Renfrewshire Tourism Accommodation Appraisal

Northumberland Lowlands and Coast Local Nature Partnership, interactive ecosystem services mapping tool

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  • Relative visibility of Scotland
  • Operational noise incorporating attenuating barrier
  • Seasonal bird flock density
  • Ecosystem services mapping tool
  • Theoretical visibility with forestry and building screening
  • Estimated grid connection costs
  • Hydro scheme catchment analysis
  • Development constraints map