The extraction of minerals and the processing and disposal of waste generally requires planning permission.  Similarly, major infrastructure projects such as rail, road, energy and property developments can often involve the extraction of minerals and disposal of waste  that require a separate permits.   Additionally, most mineral and waste planning applications will require an environmental statement as part of the process.

Atmos Consulting has provided supported a diverse range of organisations such as quarrying, landfill and waste management companies across technical areas that include planning, environmental and noise assessment, and discharge of planning conditions.

Our expert and multi-disciplinary team include planners, ecologists, noise consultants and hydrologists who work to collectively to support clients to mitigate environmental risk relating to ecology, soil and water quality, noise, waste and discharges and how these considerations often interact in complex ecosystems -  demystifying what can often be seen as a complex and drawn out planning process.

As a UK wide organisation we bring extensive knowledge of the Scottish, English and Welsh planning systems and our ever-growing team has extensive experience of obtaining environmental and planning permits for the extraction and disposal of minerals and waste

Our Minerals and Waste Solutions

With offices across the UK, we are uniquely placed to provide a comprehensive range of environmental and planning services across the full project life cycle, from feasibility, scoping and planning submissions through to construction and on to post construction and operational management.

Choose from an integrated service approach or one of our specialist services that can seamlessly feed into your project, whatever its current lifecycle stage. 

Acoustics and Noise GIS and Data Solutions
Ecology and Biodiversity Hydrology and Hydrogeology
Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) Ornithology
Energy Management and Sustainability Site Feasibility and Scoping
Environmental Due Diligence Soils and Peatland Management
Environmental Impact Assessment Visualisation and Mapping

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