As more and more development sites begin to open up, we are increasingly being asked if it is too late to undertake bat surveys? In short, the answer is most definitely no but you need to be quick to make up for lost time and fit surveys into short window left.
All species of bat in the UK are European Protected Species and therefore they and their roost sites are afforded the highest level of protection when it comes to developments that may affect them.
Bat surveys are seasonally dependent, usually commencing in April and running through to October. At least one of the surveys needs to be undertaken during the maternity period (May to August).
This usually involves preliminary roost assessment which looks for signs of bats and potential for roosting bats. This is followed by up to 3 dusk emergence or dawn re-entry surveys, spaced at least 2 weeks apart which determine if bats are using the site and if so, the species and number of bats and the nature type of the roost(s).
The number of surveys that need to be undertaken depends on the suitability of the site for roosting bats. If a bat roost is confirmed and the development cannot avoid disturbance, then a licence and suitable species protection plan will be required to undertake the works.
Although we are well into the season, it’s not too late to start surveys - if you are hoping to submit a planning application before summer 2021 or bat surveys have been conditioned as part of an existing planning application and you are looking to move to construction within this time period, then now is the time to act to avoid in unnecessary delays.

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