As the ongoing situation of Covid-19 impacts on global business operations, we want to take the opportunity to provide an update you on the measures we are taking to mitigate its impact to keep our business operational and our people safe.

At present, none of our staff have any reported symptoms of Covid-19 and we are currently fully operational across our offices in Edinburgh, Inverness and Mold (North Wales).

We are taking the situation very seriously and have a comprehensive Business Contingency Plan (BCP) that identifies the requirements we need for all business areas to continue to function in the face of this outbreak.  

Here are some of the steps we are currently taking to protect our business and yours:

  1. All our staff have been provided with Government guidance on hygiene and we are updating them as and when new guidance is communicated.
  2. We have recently invested in an up to date, robust IT infrastructure that will enable our staff to work remotely where necessary.
  3. We are minimising staff travel between our offices and where possible, recommending the use of video/conference calls and webinars for both internal and external meetings.

Clearly, this is a very fluid situation for us all. We will continue to follow Government advice and to communicate any changes to our situation as and when required.