As the world continues to wrestle with the challenges of climate change, how do we encourage young people into an industry whose core purpose is to balance the delicate needs of the environment with those of human progression and development?  One way could lie in recruiting Modern Apprentices.

Atmos Operations Manager, Paul Reid explains ‘Atmos Consulting is committed to the development of young people to support our future workforce.   As an SME we recognise the challenges and high costs in attracting and retaining talented staff.  At the core of our talent management strategy is the importance we place on the value of our people and how we look after them.”

“The heart of this strategy is our commitment to providing a modern and flexible working environment.  This is one of the reasons why over 50% of our workforce has been with the company for over 5 years.  By utilising the Modern Apprenticeship Programme, we are planning for the next 5 years.”

We asked our latest Modern Apprentice, Hope Heenan, about her views of the programme:

What attracted you to do an MA?
After leaving school I was eager to learn more about the business world.   As someone who has always been keen to work, I felt that full time education was not for me. Not least because of the high costs that can be incurred.
The MA fitted my goals perfectly, giving me the opportunity to work full time and earn a wage whilst working towards a recognised qualification. 
What attracted you to Atmos?
Like many young people, the issues around Climate Change and the impact it will have in the years to come is of definite concern.   I was drawn to Atmos because of the nature of work they do and felt that this would be a growing industry in the future.

Atmos also offered the chance to learn about the many different parts of the day to day running of a business within my role, which is allowing me to get an understanding of different functions, not just the administration side of things.  This is providing me with a better idea of the particular path I would like to follow in the future.
What type of things are you learning?
Even though I am in a business administrator position, I am learning so much about the many different parts of the day to day running of a business, including marketing, finance and accounting, business process and operations.  
My role is not only allowing me to improve my IT skills, but I am learning how to use different software packages which are important in my role. I am also learning about the importance of communications when working with and alongside a wide range of people, both internally and externally.
What’s your favourite thing about working for Atmos?
Because Atmos is a smaller company I have found it easier to get to know my colleagues, even if they are not based in the same office. Everyone is really welcoming and encouraging, as well being supportive of my role.
Since I have joined, my self-confidence has improved massively. This in turn has allowed me to develop my communications skills and be more assured in my ability to work on my own.
What is your favourite thing about the MA programme?
The freedom it gives you. It allows you to choose between a huge list of units, giving you the opportunity to learn about topics you may need or are genuinely interested in.
Does it involve a lot more work on top of your daily work tasks?
Not at all, the MA is about evidence gathering to demonstrate an understanding of the units I am working towards.  Most of the evidence for my units is shown in my daily practice and it is just a case of showing my working process or taking screenshots of evidence. 
It really is about learning while you earn.
What are your future aspirations?
I still have a lot to learn but I am leaning more to the finance side of business.

Atmos is always looking for talented people to join us and we welcome speculative CVs from ambitious people, keen to develop their career with us.  To find out more, visit our career page.