Following on from a recent consultation, SEPA’s Controlled Activities Regulation (commonly known as CAR) changed on 1st January this year.

Within the guidance, there is one significant new regulation which may affect your project, namely the requirement for a complex licence for the management of surface water run-off from a construction site, this includes access tracks, which:

  • is more than 4 hectares or 
  • is in excess of 5km or
  • includes an area of more than 1 hectare or
  • length of more than 500m on ground with a slope in excess of 25°. 

These changes could have significant implications for new developments including property, renewables sites, ports and harbours, roads and electricity infrastructure projects not least as a result of the requirement for a 4 month assessment period by SEPA for such licences and licence application costs (currently £3013 for the first activity). Even where these thresholds are not met, as of 1st June 2018 you must comply with the revised General Binding Rule 10 where there is a discharge of water run-off from a construction site to the water environment.

Now more than ever, we are recommending earlier engagement with an expert environmental consultant to prevent costly delays or risk non-compliance with the regulations.

Atmos Consulting has a proven track record in obtain successful consent with the minimal of fuss for clients.

We can support you by:

  • manage the entire CAR application process on your behalf, guiding through what can often be a complicated process;
  •  engage with SEPA to discuss your project and define the scope of your licence;
  •  engage our specialist GIS services to ensure the most efficient use of your development site.
  •  providing site support to ensure compliance

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